Welcome – Meet Jeremiah

GHBME-Greetings- to you all! Looks like you’ve stumbled your way to The Guy’s Handbook;

whether your visit is by accident or intentional I’d like to take this time to say thank you

for checking us out. My name is Jeremiah, one of the two very cool dudes who came up

with the wonderful idea of reaching out to guys around the world. It’s our hope to help 

guide you through the rough waters of relationships, as well as share and hear stories from

all of you along the way.


-Me- I’m a pretty normal 23 year old guy who has had some ups and downs with

relationships. I have always said I’m a hopeless romantic, and have enjoyed the journey

life has taken me on so far. I have a very energetic puppy (he is more human than

dog), who I’m sure you’ll see pop up from time to time on our page. I don’t claim to be

an expert with relationships; however, in my times of need, I have had the loving support

of friends and family along the way – and that’s a major part what we hope to do for all of

you. We hope to pass on the lessons we have learned and make dating and beyond a much

smoother and more enjoyable process for all; we are here to provide support, inspire

confidence, and to tell you the hard truths.


-Together- my partner and I have experienced many aspects of relationships and hope

to share with all of you some of the many things we have learned. Some of it will be funny

at times, and some more serious, but our goal is to provide you with valuable information

that you can relate to and use. Currently I am single, while my best friend and partner Tim

is engaged to be married this coming May (congratulations)!


So without further ado, welcome and hope you enjoy!

-see ya on the inside-


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