Inner Strength

-Loneliness- It’s been a long grueling weekend; thoughts of past relationships and what

could have beens ran rampant through my mind. It doesn’t always creep up on me like

this. Sometimes I can see it coming from far off and I am able to prepare for the waves of

feelings and self-doubt to wash over me. Other times it catches me off guard and I am

drowning in a sea of emotional chaos. I have to overcome some new obstacle in order to

come out with a sense of dignity. On the outside I look fine: I worked out, ate three meals

and walked the dog, but on the inside I’m an emotional wreck, and one short step from a

mental breakdown and crying myself to sleep.


-Struggle- These experiences are known all too well by people from all over the world. All

too often, these are the daily challenges we go through when dealing with loneliness after

a breakup. In my case I ended it only to realize a short while later that I shouldn’t have,

and by that point it was too late. The damage had been done, and she had moved on.

That’s not always the case; more often than not you end up on the receiving end of the

split. Whether you saw it coming or not is of minimal importance if you still love her,

because it hurts like hell. Nothing can take that pain away.


-Past- The following hours, days, months, and sometimes years can be difficult and filled

with loneliness. Everything reminds you of her and the wonderful times you two spent

together. Memories and stories wash over you on a regular basis and everything from food

to music brings back the feelings of what once was. She is gone, and now you feel alone

and incomplete; like one of those puzzles that is missing the last two pieces. Loneliness is

hard to combat, often making simple tasks feel impossible, and it will destroy the person

you have become if you let it.


Loneliness is scary, it’s unforgiving, and opens the door for many other emotions to

consume you.


-Push Through- I’m here to tell you it will get better. It will be one of the hardest mental

battles you have ever fought; but through the fog, through the fear and doubt, there is a

better place. Some of us can bravely make our way through to the other side in a few

simple well placed steps; others get lost in the maze of doubt and stay there for far too


-Not Alone- The best kept secret when braving the unknown is to not go alone. Friends

and family are the best defense against loneliness. Use them to keep you laughing and to

keep your mind busy. Don’t sit in the confinement of your mind. Get out and be active,

start working out a few days a week, join a rec sport league.  Learn to remake yourself

without her. Do something that’s out of your comfort zone, try new foods, listen to new

music, and make new experiences. Don’t stop living because of another person. We are

made to do so many great things; don’t waste the precious moments of your life waiting

around, because one day you will wake up and you’ll be all out of time.


-Mind Power- The mind is capable of overcoming unbelievable circumstances if given the

chance. You don’t have to go through it alone; you don’t have to struggle alone. You can

find peace within yourself, but it will be a challenge. It will be a daily challenge. You will

have to work at it. If you do those things I have no doubt you can become the person you

were meant to be. If you have no one to turn to, or feel that no one gets you, shoot us an

email; we would be more than happy to talk with you and help you get back on your feet.


Be Brave. Be Strong.


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