Living to Love

-As people- we crave things we sometimes don’t understand. We have a tendency to want things at odd times and express emotions when we don’t wish to. At times we run on auto pilot and simply exist. Other times we have hundreds of thoughts and emotions coursing through our minds all at once and it can be overwhelming.  

-During- the first couple months of a new relationship it can feel like you are truly on cloud nine. Everything is a vibrant color; every emotion makes you feel alive. You can function on little to no sleep; staying up all night to watch the stars while talking on the phone or simply listening to each other breath. We live for this: this feeling of invincibility; it’s almost magical.

– Living- to love is what we were made to do. It’s something we will never fully understand or be able to comprehend. We all have a sense of love and what it means. The meaning can be different for everyone, but, at some fundamental level, we all live to love. Some of us will never find that special one. It’s a connection like no other and when you finally have it, when you feel that connection, it is truly indescribable. Love is a concept we as a human race have been trying to understand and put into words since we first invented language. While most people understand what love is and what it is supposed to encompass few will ever experience the raw power of love.

-Living- to love is not sleeping around, or simply telling a special person “I love you.” Living to love is a way of life: it’s a lifestyle that can take you to great places. Living to love starts with yourself. This very concept is why many of you will never find your soul mate: your true love. Because we forget the very basic reality of love: if you don’t first love yourself, who you are and who you want to become, then you will never be fit to love another with all your heart.

-Such- a simple idea but one we struggle with every day. Society puts all of these restrictions and ideas on us to look or feel a certain way. Be original, be unique, don’t be a follower, don’t be caught in the dreams of someone else, create your own. It’s a struggle to love yourself; but if you can make a point every single day to improve yourself, whether it be positive thoughts, working out, or reading a book, you will start to see small improvements. Use these improvements to show the world who you are; use these to motivate yourself further than you ever thought you could go. You will not only surprise those around you but you will start to see a change in yourself. Live to love yourself and you will find that special person who will live to love you as well.

-Keep- on improving one day at a time and before you know it you will be a person with the confidence and originality you never thought you could have. Keep living for you, keep loving for you and you will find out just what it means to live to love.


-Best-of luck living to love you-


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